Emergency Response, Eyewash & Shower

Emergency response or equipment care for injury or sudden illness before medical treatment is available to a victim. By using a limited amount of time and resources to perform primary assessment and intervention while waiting for Emergency Medical Service personnel.

Injured and the sick removal, lightweight with foldable design. The foldable poles are built with aluminum poles and vinyl-coated nylon fabric so weight is not added while transferring patients. Rugged aluminum feet elevate patient with anti-slip soft rubber handlebars for comfort and powerful grips.


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Model: FPS-S / FPS-D

FPS-S: Single Foldable Pole Stretcher
Length: 2012mm
Weight: 546mm

FPS-D: Double Foldable Pole Stretcher
Length: 1022mm
Weight: 188mm

Height: 138mm
Weight: 5.6kg
Load Capacity: 127kg



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