Portable Spill Kit – Universal

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Keeping flammable liquids safe and easy to handle in case of serious agenda. Safety cans are the best solution for keeping, storing, and disposing of any flammable liquids safely. These cans are specifically designed to automatically relieve the build-up of internal pressure, which prevented an explosion and any personal injury.

These dispenser cart kits are applicable to multiple usages. The universal sorbents are best for absorbing chemical spills, leaks, and drips. Solvent, coolant or even stronger liquid-like acids and caustics can be ready for pickup with the sorbents, it can absorb up to 115 liters.


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Model: SK292929


1 pcs – 120-liter Transporter
2 pcs – Universal Sorbent Sock MOS-SOC7636
(1 pc – able to absorb > 25 liters)
4 pcs – Universal Sorbent Pillow MOS-PIL4050
(1 pc – able to absorb > 9 liters)
20 pcs – Universal Sorbent Pads MOS-LMT4002
(1 pc – able to absorb > 1.45 liters)
10 pcs – Hazardous material disposable bag 24″ x 30″
10 pcs – Cable Tie
2 pcs – Disposable Coverall
2 pcs – Anti-Fog Goggle
2 pcs – Nitrile Glove



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