Full Face Mask

Respiratory Protection

The PROGUARD Respiratory masks & filters range is approved for use against dust, particle, mist, aerosol, fumes & gases in accordance with EN140 & EN136. There are many potential respiratory hazards in the workplace such as dust & particles from processed materials such as metal, fiberglass, and asbestos, or condensation such as pesticide spraying. Fumes, gases, smoke, and vapors constitute an additional risk, as do airborne micro-organism-bacteria, viruses and spores- and radioactive particles.

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Model: C809

  • Full face mask with a wide field of vision.
  • EPDM rubber facepiece.
  • One size fits all types of faces.
  • Comply with EN 136(Class 2)
  • For use dust, gas, and combination filters with a threaded connector comply with EN 148/1.



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