High Visibility LED Safety Vest

Safety Vest & Traffic Control Equipment 

High- visibility clothing is designed to make users conspicuous in any lighting condition, day or night. Hi-visibility garments are essential safety wear for people who need to be seen, for sample those working on or near busy roads.

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Model: SV-7170-LED

  • Velcro fastener with orange bidding to garment edges.
  • EN471 approved micro-prismatic reflective material with 1pc x 50mm horizontal stitched body band and 2pcs x 50mm vertical brace with LED twinkling lights in front and back which operate by an on/off switch run by “AAA” batteries (Batteries no included).
  • 3V can run approximately 28 hrs.
  • Lightweight and heavy duty.

Meets EN471 Class 2.

Product Code Colour Size 
SV-7170-LED Din Orange Free



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