Helmet Slotted Earmuff

Helmet Slotted Earmuffs

These all-in-one head & hearing protection are popular among safety officers. Today’s models are styled to be sensibly “parked” when not in use.

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Model: BGVH/SI-1/PC06SE

  • Light Weight, comfortable helmet-mounted earmuff that delivers a high attenuation level performance to address difficult noise situations.
  • These Slotted Earmuff can be used with a wide range of Proguard safety helmet
  • Earmuff cups should snap in place during use & swing back when not in use
  • PC06SE can be perfectly fitted with Safety Helmet, Helmet Visor Carrier BGVH with series FC 48 or Series SV-1 visors to provide complete head, face, and hearing protection
  • SNR 29db
  • Comply to EN352-3



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