Emergency Gravity Feed Eyewash

Emergency Response, Eyewash & Shower

Emergency response or equipment care for injury or sudden illness before medical treatment is available to a victim. By using a limited amount of time and resources to perform primary assessment and intervention while waiting for Emergency Medical Service personnel.

Self-contained eyewash that holds water fluid in a tank where no plumbing required. Used where the plumbed water supply is not available.


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Model: EPE-34 / 15

  • Tray securely shut off water flow and keeps nozzles free of airborne contaminations.
  • Wide rear opening allows easy filling, inspection, and cleaning.
  • Eyewash is available by simply pulling the retractable tray.
  • Polyethylene tank, store up 34 liters of water with 1.75 liter per minute flow rate estimated.
  • Mounted on bracket supplied that easily bolts to wall.



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