Basket Stretcher

Emergency Response, Eyewash & Shower

Emergency response or equipment care for injury or sudden illness before medical treatment is available to a victim. By using a limited amount of time and resources to perform primary assessment and intervention while waiting for Emergency Medical Service personnel.

Suitable for moving and rescuing the injured from a very wide range of emergency situation, sturdy and flexible to use in all types of aid. With special sling equipment, available in 2 pieces, making it compact and easy transport.


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Model: YDC-8A1 / YDC-8B1 (Long)

Length: 219cm
Height: 18cm
Load Bearing: 272kg
Width: 64cm

Self Weight:
YDC-8A1 – 16kg
YDC-8B1 – 20kg
(Lenght x Weight x Height)

Hooks – 4pcs
Helicopter Sling – 1 set (4pcs)
Safety Belts – 4pcs
Feet Securing Board – 1 set
Accessories Bag – 1 unit



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